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My teaching is focused on students developing a personal, economic life perspective; by this, I mean an understanding that they live in the context of an evolving and malleable macroeconomic system that affects not just their future employment prospects but the production and delivery of their daily bread. 


I have specialized in online teaching and creating high accessibility curricula. I pursued an education in these specialties through the University of Utah’s Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE), earning the Higher Education Teaching Specialist designation. This was followed by a one-year CTLE graduate fellowship where I was exposed to pedagogies, instructors, curricula, and classrooms across academic disciplines – from ballet to epidemiology. 


Through my graduate fellowship and four years of lead instructor experience in the department of economics at the University of Utah, I have shaped my pedagogy following three guiding principles: (1) learning is a social process, (2) nonlinear presentation of materials is more effective than linear presentations, and (3) history matters. 

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Courses Taught and Developed
@ the University of Utah

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

One of the great classical paradoxes in economic thought is the presence of poverty amidst wealth.  Why doesn't the rising tide affect all boats?  This question makes economics classrooms a most useful space for students to practice having conversations about equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).  Economic data tell a clear story of different outcomes that are associated with being one kind of person or another.  The question is why?

As an economics instructor I view my job not only as providing evidence-based answers to that question, but creating a classroom learning environment where students feel willing to explore it.  This involves both modeling appropriate language and curiosity about the experiences of other people, and structuring interactions between groups of diverse students so they can discover common ground. 

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