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Econ 1010: Economics as a Social Science

Highlights of the course

My favorite feature of this course was designing case studies for students to apply concepts, theories, and analysis over a one-month period.  These case studies were often specific to Utah to provide students with close-to-home applications.

For example, we studied how the wild horse population is threatening the ecosystem in Utah deserts because they are non-native species.  This is an excellent application for a Lotke-Volterra predator-prey cycle, which has similarities to the business cycle; the wild horse problem is also an excellent example of a tragedy of the commons.

Syllabus example

Click the "PDF" icon below to download my Econ 1010 syllabus

Student Course Feedback

Fall 2017

Course score: 5.35/6

Instructor score: 5.79/6

Fall 2018

Course score: 5.76/6

Instructor score: 5.8/6

Materials examples

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