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Econ 5180/6180: Poverty and Inequality

Highlights of the course

I took what felt like a big gamble and had students sign up to participate in a "round table" each class period.  During the round table whichever 4 students had signed up would sit in front of the class and have a discussion about anything related to class.  I kept notes of their discussion on the whiteboard.  It was a resounding success, and even though each student was only required to participate twice during the semester, we had a waitlist for the round tables at the end.

I also really enjoyed weaving development literature (i.e. Lewis two sector model) and concepts into this curriculum and I think it helped demystify the topic for non-econ major students.  (My graduate-level students were in the MPP program.)

Syllabus example

Click the "PDF" icon below to download my Econ 5180 syllabus

Student Course Feedback

Spring 2018

Course score: 5.94/6

Instructor score: 5.98/6

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