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Econ 4890: Economics Internship

Highlights of the course

After my first semester of supervising the economics interns, my inspiration for retrofitting this course came from doing an evaluation of the Physical Therapy department's internship program during my CTLE graduate fellowship.  Instead of just writing up essays now then, as students complete their internships they check in with me (online) to update their resumes, perform a personality check-in, and especially digest the internship experience by drawing on economic concepts to suggest improvements to their employers. 


The highlight in running this internship course was when a student was given a follow-up research project after she made suggestions to the company where she interned, that she and I were able to work on together the next semester in an independent study.

Syllabus example

Click the "PDF" icon below to download my Econ 4890 syllabus

Student Course Feedback

Summer 2019

Course score: 5.05/6

Instructor score: 5.24/6

Fall 2019

Course score: 5.85/6

Instructor score: 5.57/6

Spring 2020

Course score: 5.9/6

Instructor score: 5.96/6

Summer 2020

Course score: 5.89/6

Instructor score: 5.89/6

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