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Econ 5470/6470: Industrialization and Development - the American Case

Highlights of the course

This course intimidated me at first because I had previously only taught U.S. economic history in a freshman general education course, now I would be teaching it to senior econ majors and Master's students.  Borrowing heavily from previous executions of this syllabus by former faculty, I included the group work and case study approach in designing student outcomes by focusing on four "big topic questions" in the economy: inequality, technology crowding out labor, the role of the government, and the sustainability of growth.  

What stands out most to me about this course was teaching it during the pandemic in Spring 2021 over the Zoom platform; somehow topics like slavery, trade wars, and climate change evoked a different kind of respect and solemnity from my students that semester, which made it a great learning semester for all of us.

Syllabus example

Click the "PDF" icon below to download my Econ 5470/6470 syllabus

Student Course Feedback

Fall 2020 (online)

Course score: 5.67/6

Instructor score: 5.81/6

Spring 2021 (online)

**The University of Utah changed its Student Course Feedback form in Spring 2021.  It no longer provides any numeric score

Spring 2021 (virtual synchronous)

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