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Econ 1740: U.S. Economic History

Highlights of the course

My favorite feature of this course has been assigning students to work in student groups to explore big economic events in history, then create a podcast episode and infographic for teaching others.

I like to focus on the Cold War because so much is going on during this period, but also the Cold War itself is an example of how a past struggle over economic ideology still shapes current economic events.  Also, I have found students have not really learned much about this topic.

I have taught this course in person and online, but I think the online version is better.

Econ 1740 is a lower- division general education course, but I used this curriculum to build the Econ 5470/6470 U.S. economic history course for seniors and Master's students.  Since then, I've returned to teaching 1740 and have had the opportunity to adjust the curriculum back to a freshman level.  This has made the curriculum and the 1740 course better.

Syllabus example

Click the "PDF" icon below to download my Econ 1740 syllabus

Student Course Feedback

Spring 2019 (online)

Course score: 5.16/6

Instructor score: 5.35/6

Fall 2019 (online)

Course score: 5.22/6

Instructor score: 5.44/6

Spring 2020 (COVID onset)

Course score: 4.94/6

Instructor score: 5.2/6

Materials example

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